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Coolsculpting versus Emsculpt2020

Coolsculpting vs Emsculpt 2020: Which Laser Total-Body Fat-Blasting Treatment Is Right For You?

Are you Looking to Tone Muscles? Burn Fat? Or Both?

It’s 2020 and we’re taking fat removal and body sculpting to a new level of elimination. It’s a total body flab “knock-out”, eliminating fat on your thighs, abs, arms and butt using two of the best fat-blasting contenders on the market: Coolsculpting vs the new Emsculpt 2020.

It may be the greatest match-up of all time between two of the biggest “heavy weights” in non-invasive laser body-contouring. In one corner, we have the “chill it to kill it” laser fat removal treatment that freezes fatty cells dead in under 30 minutes, aka “the lunchtime lipo,” Coolsculpting. In the other corner, we have newcomer and first of its kind in fat reduction with simultaneous muscle toning and regeneration, aka “the fat melter,” the “full-body sculpter,” the new “miracle machine” Emsculpt 2020.

Both Coolsculpting and Emsculpt 2020 have shown impressive results, but how do they compare and which one is right for you?

Both treatments:
-Eliminate fat
-Have no downtime
-Require no cutting or anesthesia
-Have short treatment plans
-Yield long-lasting results

Where Coolscupting Wins
Fat cells freeze, die off and that fat is gone for good!
You may think that when you gain weight, you’re creating new fat cells. But that’s a misconception. Our bodies typically stop creating fat cells around age 18, when we reach puberty. It’s those cells that we carry with us for life. When we gain or lose weight, they either expand or contract. What’s special about Coolsculpting and why it’s so effective is it actually destroys the fat cell, which your body will naturally eliminate from your system, never to return!

Best candidates for Coolsculpting: If you’re not overweight, but you have stubborn pockets of fat that won’t go away, despite a healthy diet and active lifestyle.

Where Emsculpt Wins
No Wait Time - Immediate fat loss and muscle-toning results!
Yes—you’ll walk out of treatment noticeably slimmer. How? One Emsculpt treatment is the equivalent of 20,000 squats or sit-ups, which will have your muscles rebuilding and reshaping, burning more fat, more calories, and gaining more definition than any workout you could do on your own. You’re just a few 30-minute sessions away from your goal body whether it be rock-hard abs, slim and defined inner thighs, toned under arms, you name it -- you can tone and reshape any part of your body. Bonus: It lifts and rounds your butt making it a safe (and cheaper) alternative to the popular Brazilian butt lift.

Best candidates for Emsculpt2020: If you’re looking to contour your body, tone muscles and build definition in specific area QUICKLY and painlessly (this is especially beneficial for athletes), in addition to burning excess fat away.

Whichever you choose, Perfect Body Laser is waiting to help you on your journey to shed those fatty areas and look your absolute best! Give us a call today to schedule your 100% FREE FAT REDUCTION CONSULTATION. And as an exclusive incentive reserved only for blog readers, mention code Burnfat2020 for a special free gift!

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Perfect Body Laser is extremely committed to keeping our friends, family and staff safe during this unprecedented time. We are going above and beyond the CDC’s mandatory guidelines for Covid-19 care, so you can rest assured that your visit will be a safe and all machines have been properly sterilized.

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