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The Science Behind VelaSmooth Pro Technology


Synergistic Use of Energies – The VelaSmooth Pro device employs four treatment modalities:

  • Infrared light (IR) heats the tissue up to 3 mm depth.
  • Bi-polar radio frequency (RF) heats tissue up to ~15 mm depth.
  • Vacuum +/- massage mechanisms enable precise targeting of energy to the tissue.


VelaSmooth Pro™ for Cellulite and Body Shaping

VelaSmooth™ features the revolutionary elōs (electrical-optical synergy) combination of Bi-Polar Radio Frequency (RF), infrared light energies, plus negative pressure and tissue manipulation.

Vacuum and specially designed rollers manipulate and smooth out the skin to facilitate safe and efficient energy delivery.

The combination of infrared and conducted RF energies increases oxygen to the cells by heating the skin. This increases the metabolism of stored energy thereby shrinking the size of the fat chamber.

The result: A smoother appearance of the skin.

Now at Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics, the VelaSmooth system is capable of precisely targeting and treating smaller contoured areas such as the neck and arms.


What is Cellulite

Eighty per cent of women over the age of 20, regardless of their weight or size, are affected by cellulite. Lean women, average weight women and heavier women are all susceptible to this condition.


What Causes Cellulite?

Cellulite occurs when fat cells in the hypodermis (the deepest layer of skin) become over-inflated from an increase in fat storage. The fat cells protrude up through the connective tissue causing dimpling or a "cottage cheese" appearance.

In some cases, VelaSmooth isn’t a good fit. For these Clients, Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics offers an abundence of alternative choices.

Areas affected by cellulite: Thighs, Buttocks, Abdomen, Calves, Arms



Perfect Body Laser & Aesthetics® offers non-surgical procedures performed only by NYS licensed professionals. Single procedures take about one hour to complete but more time may be required for multiple procedures or to achieve best results. Most Perfect Body Laser & Aesthetics® clients return to normal activities immediately, even if they have multiple procedures. Ask your Perfect Body Laser & Aesthetics® professional and review the consent forms to find out more about your individual choices and what you can expect.

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