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PerfectbodyMobiusAward.pngPerfect Body Laser and Aesthetics ® has earned Solta Medical's Thermage Black Diamond Award every year since 2008. The Black Diamond Award is a prestigious award that is earned by providing the most client treatments and the highest level of clientsatisfaction.

Perfect Body Laser was awarded the 2015, 2106 AND 2017 MÖBUIS Award's by Solta Medical's Valeant Aesthetics for being the #1 provider of Thermage CPT, Fraxal Dual and Clear & Brilliant  and Perméa treatments in the entire country.

Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics® - The Most Awarded Laser Facility on Long Island, NY, NJ & CT.


Thermage awards Perfect Body Laser with the Black Diamond Award for the 10th year in a row in New York:

  • 2008 Black Diamond Award Winner
  • 2009 Black Diamond Award Winner
  • 2010 Black Diamond Award Winner
  • 2011 Black Diamond Award Winner
  • 2012 Black Diamond Award Winner
  • 2013 Black Diamond Award Winner
  • 2014 Black Diamond Award Winner
  • 2015 MÖBIUS & M.D. Award Winner
  • 2016 MÖBIUS & M.D. Award Winner
  • 2017 MÖBIUS & M.D. Award Winner

Perfect Body has been the #1 Provider of Thermage CPT and Clear and Brilliant in New York. No one has more experience in Thermage CPT, Fraxel Dual or Clear & Brilliant. These modalities are just some of the FDA approved means Perfect Body uses for Face Lifting, Jawline Contouring, Neck-Lifting, Body Contouring, Fat Reduction, Stretch Marks, Scar Reduction, Skin Rejuvenation and Skin Color Correction on Long Island.

Perfect Body is the only Thermage provider in New York to have national recognition for being the best provider in the United States (out of 1500+ providers).

Memberships, Certifications, Affiliations and Accreditations:

National Coalition of Aestheticians Association


Perfect Body is a proud member of the National Coalition of Aestheticians Association, an association dedicated to the support and education of the top aesthetic practices in the country.

Medical Spa Society

medical spa society

Perfect Body Laser & Aesthetics is a proud member of the Medical Spa Society, highlighting successful aesthetic practices and medical spas. Perfect Body Laser is an active member of this organization which is dedicated to raising and upholding the level of professionalism practiced in the medical spa industry through professional and consumer education.

iSpa Association Member

ispaPerfect Body Laser is a proud member and sponsor of the iSpa Association.

Since 1991, the International SPA Association has been recognized worldwide as the professional organization and voice of the medical and spa industry, representing health and wellness facilities and providers in more than 70 countries. iSpa encompasses the entire arena of the spa experience, from, medical, club and day spas, to service providers such as physicians, wellness instructors, nutritionists, massage therapists, nurses, aestheticians and clinical laser skin care providers.

Perfect Body Laser's affiliation with iSpa provides invaluable educational and networking opportunities, promoting the value of the Perfect Body Laser experience while speaking as the authoritative voice to foster professionalism and growth.

The Aesthetic Practice Association

the aesthetic practice association

Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics is a proud member of The Aesthetic Practice Association. The Aesthetic Practice Association™ (TAPA) is a community of physicians, aesthetic extenders and office staff devoted to enterprise growth and professional development. As the leading association that provides education and training of medical aesthetic practitioners worldwide, TAPA is unique in offering the industry's only Certified Aesthetic Consultant (CAC) program.

Letter from Executive Director TAPA’s Unique Certification Program Enhances Medical Aesthetic Community

tapa executive direcor

I am proud to introduce Perfect Body Laser & Aesthetics into The Aesthetic Practice Association™ (TAPA) to our medical aesthetic community. TAPA is the first association of its kind designed specifically for our field. This unique professional organization provides a place for physicians and all aesthetic providers to share ideas while receiving high-level education, training and certification – as well as other exclusive membership benefits.

Associated Skin Care Professionals

associated skin care professionals

Perfect Body Laser & Aesthetics is a proud member and affiliate of the Associated Skin Care Professionals (ASCP). The Associated Skin Care Professionals is the nation’s largest professional membership association for skin care professionals.

ASCP was created by the founders of ABMP, the largest professional association for massage therapists. Because many nurses, laser professionals and massage therapists are also licensed estheticians, ABMP membership was extended to skin care practitioners in 1997. As demand grew for an organization devoted solely to their needs, ASCP was formed in January 2007. Perfect Body Laser & Aesthetics reviews and promotes the ASCP bylaws, code of ethics and its professional affiliations.