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Non-Surgical Hair Rejuvination

A new era of non-surgical laser hair rejuvenation technology is here for people with hair loss.

We all know that hair loss can be emotionally devastating for women; hair has long been a symbol of feminine beauty and sensuality. But hair loss in men is no less devastating. Men report reduced self-esteem, difficulty dating and trouble securing a new job. A balding hairline makes a man look and feel older than he is.

Many people with hair loss have dreamed of the “magic bullet,” the special vitamin or treatment that will reverse hair loss. Surgical hair treatments, such as hair transplantation, scalp reduction, flaps and tissue expansion, are available. So is medication, such as Minoxidil and Propecia. However, most treatments have been disappointing, usually saving the hair that’s already there, but doing little to grow back the hair that’s already lost.

* For obvious reasons, most people are skeptical of treatments that promise to reverse hair loss. But a new era of hair restoration technology, using “cold” laser hair therapy the Revåge 670 offers hope for those who don’t have advanced hair loss. Using the Revåge 670 alone and in combination with topical and/or oral medications has produced excellent results for men and women.

Also known as “cold” lasers, the Revåge 670 uses therapeutic soft low-light level lasers (LLLL) that were developed in Europe for healing wounds, treating hair loss and other diseases of the scalp.

Women and Hair Loss

Half a century ago female androgenetic alopecia, also termed female pattern genetic thinning, was almost exclusively a problem of post-menopausal women. Following menopause the female sex hormone produced by the ovaries (& the adrenal glands to a lesser extent) diminish, but androgen (male hormone) production continues at the same level. In susceptible women this may then show as a thinning of scalp hair in a genetic pattern, with sometimes-excessive facial or body hair, termed 'hirsuitism'.

It's estimated than more than one third of all post-menopausal women will now exhibit this condition to some degree.

The exponential rise in the numbers of younger women developing genetic thinning is multi-factorial, but is thought to be in part due to the introduction of synthetic hormones used in contraceptive and hormone replacement therapies.

Hormonal hair loss may originate from a number of causes such as increased prolactin levels associated with polycystic ovarian syndrome, failure to ovulate in a premenopausal woman, or some other physiological disturbance causing her body to produce excessive amounts of male hormone. When a woman consistently fails to ovulate, her body does not produce the hormone progesterone in any significant amount. In a complex 'negative feedback' mechanism, the body attempts to compensate for the low progesterone levels by increasing the adrenal glands' production of a steroid hormone termed androstenedione. Androstenedione can exert androgenetic effects such as thinning of scalp hair in a genetic pattern, excessive facial or body hair, 'T-zone' facial oiliness or acne.

Severe or prolonged emotional/physiological stress, dieting, or heavy exercise regimes are the more common reasons for ovulation failure in a premenopausal woman. Again, severe or prolonged emotional/physiological stress, post-hysterectomy, following childbirth or the use of certain contraceptive/hormone replacement therapies can, in susceptible women, trigger scalp hair thinning in an androgenetic way.

"The Revage 670 laser was introduced into my aesthetics practice approximately 18 months ago. We have found that our female clients who were diagnosed with a telogen effluvium, peri-menospausal related thinning, or female pattern baldness demonstrated the greatest amount of improvement." 
Joseph S. Cervone MD

Revåge 670 Treatment 

The Revåge 670 is extremely safe. As a LLLL device, it doesn’t emit ablative energy. Hence, there is no risk of injuring the client’s epidermis or dermis. The laser energy does, however, stimulate blood flow and clients may complain of a transient headache after the first few treatments.

With two 20-minute treatments per week, clients have a non-surgical, no-risk and safe method for regaining hair.

The Revåge 670 is effective in treating androgenetic alopecia and telogen effluvium. Generally, after the first three to six months of treatment, 80 percent of clients with AGA report increased hair density, and nearly all clients with telogen effluvium report complete cessation of shedding. The hair growth continues while clients complete the full one year of treatment with the Revåge 670 and will taper after 12 months. Most clients will require once a month follow-up treatments in order to maintain their results. All clients taking oral or topical medications are encouraged to continue as well.

According to Researcher, Dr. Glen Charles, the Revåge 670 has shown to increase hair counts in men by an average of 37.78% within 16 weeks of treatment with no incidence of side effects.




What is Revåge 670?
Revåge 670 is a pain free, high technology rotational phototherapy laser system, for shedding and thinning hair.

How does the Revåge 670 Program work?
* The Laser Hair Program involves a select treatment process specific to your condition to take control of your hair loss and re-grow your lost hair. The program is clinically proven to rejuvenate hair growth in more than 85% of the people who follow it.

Are there any side effects?
No. There are no short or long term side effects with the Laser Hair Therapy class IIIA laser unit; it is FDA approved for cosmetic use, as is the topical solution.

How soon will I begin to see results?
* In two to four months you will begin to see noticeable improvement. Each person's response varies on an individual basis, depending on their personal hair loss history. 

Will it work for me?
* Our program works for the majority of users. It should work for you as well. A complete medical history, along with a free consultation with one of our directors, will help determine if you are a good candidate.

Wet Line Products

  • Revåge 670 Daily Shampoo
  • Revåge 670 Daily Conditioner
  • Revåge 670 Live Enzyme Cleaner
  • 5% Minoxidil W/Carrier 90 Day
  • Hair Scripts™ Complete 90 Day (180 ct.)
  • HS Herbal Propecia (AA) 90 ct.

Perfect Body Laser & Aesthetics offers cold laser (or low level laser) therapy for the purpose of stimulating natural hair growth. Cold laser hair restoration therapy is a non-invasive treatment that is being used in the U.S. since 2002. Unlike other hair growth treatments like as Propecia and Minoxidil that create a dependency on chemicals to maintain hair growth, cold laser hair growth treatment is based on stimulating the scalp without chemical treatments. Cold laser has been shown to repair tissues by stimulating blood circulation and encouraging the regeneration of normal healthy tissues. Laser light has been shown to decrease inflammation, stimulate microcirculation and improve protein synthesis. Perfect Body Laser & Aesthetics has had incredible success through our world class cold laser devices in helping our clients look better without the cost and side effects of surgical alternatives.

At Perfect Body Laser & Aesthetics we use non-invasive techniques which are precisely tailored to meet a client's specific needs and desires. WE DO NOT HAVE A ONE-SIZE FITS ALL SOLUTION like other providers. In fact, we often combine the best technologies to achieve optimal results. At Perfect Body Laser & Aesthetics, client satisfaction is our bottom line, because we care about our clients looking and feeling better. We take extreme pride in being a part of that positive change!

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Perfect Body Laser & Aesthetics® offers non-surgical procedures performed only by NYS licensed professionals. Single procedures take about one hour to complete but more time may be required for multiple procedures or to achieve best results. Most Perfect Body Laser & Aesthetics® clients return to normal activities immediately, even if they have multiple procedures. Ask your Perfect Body Laser & Aesthetics® professional and review the consent forms to find out more about your individual choices and what you can expect.

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