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Can I Get Laser Hair Removal On My Whole Body?

Why more and more men and women are turning to laser treatments to remove hair from their legs, face, arms, shoulders, back, bullocks and bikini area.

I cannot tell you how often we hear, “Can I get laser hair removal on my whole body?” or “Does laser hair removal work on men?” In short, the answer to both is YES!

Laser hair removal is a safe, permanent full-body smooth skin solution that has proven, outstanding effectiveness for long-lasting hair removal on all parts of the body: arms, legs, face, bikini area, buttocks, back, shoulders, even around the neck, ears and eyebrows, you can eliminate hair on every part of the body, easily and pain-free.

And it’s not just for women. As technology has continued to advance and evolve, more and more men are coming in to remove unwanted body hair for easier maintenance and grooming – and it’s not hard to see why.

Most people are affected by problematic hair growth somewhere on their body. We often reach for quick fixes like shaving or waxing, but these offer only temporary relief with regular maintenance needed.

Perfect Body Laser hair removal treatment has permanent results with long-lasting benefits that far and beyond out-weigh the alternatives. In fact, we are so sure of our results, we offer an exclusive 10-year written laser hair removal guarantee – you won’t find this anywhere else in New York! If you’ve been waxing and shaving your problem areas, here’s why it’s worth the switch to last hair removal:

  • No More Ingrown hairs – Shavers, you know this all too well. This is when your hair grows back underneath the skin causing raised, red, itchy bumps. It’s extremely embarrassing, not to mention uncomfortable. Ingrown hairs are more common with coarser or curly hair. For women it can be found mostly in the bikini line, but men’s hair tends to be thicker all around, especially on the face and neck which can make day to day grooming unbearably irritating and painful for men. Perfect Body Laser hair removal treatments is the perfect solution for ingrown hairs because it targets the follicle under the skin, killing it at its root and eliminating re-growth.
  • Improve Athletic Performance – Cyclists, swimmers, and runners alike all talk about the benefits that smooth skin have on their game. But it’s not just professional athletes that are opting for laser hair removal. A lot of casual trainers and “weekend warriors” are eliminating body hair on their arms, chest, and legs to avoid chafing and rashes.
  • Cut Out The Barber – The days of hiding a balding head under a toupee are over. Hollywood has shown us (in just about every action movie in the last decade) just how strong, sexy and fashionable a shaved head can be on a man, and men are embracing the trend. But as the cost and time of weekly visits to the barber to maintain this sleek, clean-shaven “manly” look starts to add up, more and more men are turning to permanent laser hair removal for their scalp and never looking back!
  • Less Time On The Table – Ladies, who wants to spend your Saturday on the waxing table getting your monthly “ritual of torture” as the beautician pulls, rips and yanks hair on every surface of your body? Not me! And the worst part is the astronomical bill they hand you (with a smile!) at the end; is this not insult to injury? Now, imagine not only shorter sessions with less frequency, but painless sessions with no tears. And best of all, when treatment is complete, you’ll have long-lasting smooth legs and underarms, a beach-ready bikini line, shapely eyebrows, and no more unwanted facial hair.
  • Thin Out Thicker Patches – Maybe you don’t necessarily want to remove all your hair. You just want to “clean up” some areas and make others more manageable and presentable. Men especially come in for a mixed treatment, not just to eliminate hair on their backs and necks, but also thin out denser patches on their chest, arm and groin area. Each Perfect Body Laser hair removal treatment is 100% customizable to fit your own personal needs, so you can get the perfect results to match your lifestyle or preference.
  • Saves Time And Money – Do the math: Daily shaving products, monthly waxing treatments, eyebrow threading sessions, you may not realize how much you’re shelling out month after month to maintain your current hair removal regimen, but when you count up the cost of razors, shaving gel, salon waxing treatments along with gratuity for the beautician annually, it’s adding up big time! It’s estimated that women spend anywhere between $10,000.00 (if you shave) to $23,000.00 (if you wax) on hair removal in their lifetime. Now, imagine cutting that total cost to just a fraction of that with laser hair removal (fyi, that comes out to a lifetime savings of $20,000.00 if you wax!); and, as a bonus, using that savings to treat yourself to some much-needed rest & relaxation, a spa vacation perhaps??
  • Hair Growth Is Gone For Good – Last, but not least, never will you ever need to worry about your problematic hair growth coming back. Once the root of the hair follicle is lasered, it is killed off and gone for good. Although it’s natural that as we age newer follicles may develop in the surrounding area, but easy annual maintenance treatments will catch and eliminate any new sprouts, if needed, to keep your skin smooth and hair-free for life.

You deserve to look and feel as extraordinary and amazing as you are. So, don’t suffer through painful waxing sessions or daily shaving routines that leave your skin bumpy and irritated. Call to schedule your free laser hair removal consultation today at Perfect Body Laser. Mention code Laser2020 for a special gift offer reserved only for our readers.

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