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The all New 2020 Emsculpt is a Game-Changer in Body Contouring!

Introducing the 2020 Emsculpt at Perfect Body Laser: The ONLY technology that destroys fat, while simultaneously building muscle composition for a smooth, toned body!

Emsculpt, dubbed the “miracle medicine” of the cosmetic industry for its unparalleled body contouring technology, is now right here on Long Island at Perfect Body Laser!

What does that mean for us? No longer do we need to slave at the gym to get rid of stubborn pockets of fat that never goes away, no matter how many squats or situps we rep. Now, we can blast that fat, while we tone up and best yet – no exercise clothes are required.

How is this possible, you ask?

Here is what sets Emsculpt apart from other fat-removal techniques: Unlike laser fat removal procedures that only freeze away and kill off fat cells, Emsculpt uses a focused electromagnetic energy to stimulate the deep supramaximal muscles to contract muscles at an intensity not possible by regular exercise – it triggers movements that you can’t do on your own.

Now, here’s what makes Emsculpt a body contouring super machine: This rapid contraction happens so fast, it forces the muscle to adapt by remodeling (this is what happens after an interval workout where the body repairs itself, changing in size, shape and structure), which helps increase muscle mass, strength and tone. The surrounding fat cells then become a “storehouse of energy” that powers-up the muscle for contraction. This in turn creates a metabolic reaction that breaks down fat in the surrounding areas.

In short, Emsculpt addresses both fat and muscle at the same time!
In fact, just 4 weeks, you can achieve a 19% Fat Reduction and 16% muscle increase. And with these results, it should come as no surprise that Emsculpt has a 96% Satisfaction Level!

But the benefits are not limited to body contouring and fat removal. After Emsculpt treatments, the body will be stronger and able to exercise more efficiently and at the intensity required to release endorphins. Athletes and casual trainers alike can benefit by building muscle definition at a faster rate to help improve performance.

This is so exciting, and in perfect time too - the holidays are right around the corner! Don’t you want to look and feel your best? Give us a call and schedule a FREE Emsculpt consultation.

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