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Laser hair removal offers a more permanent solution for smooth, sexy skin!

Perfect Body Laser Hair Removal

Why Laser Hair Removal is a Win Across the Board!

Shaving, Waxing, Plucking—They Don’t Compare To The Long-Term Results of Laser Therapy!

Ladies, aren’t you 90% of your body every morning— legs, underarms, belly, bikini, the plucking of your eyebrows and upper lip, chin or cheeks, there are more parts of our body that are shaved than unshaved—it’s exhausting!

And men, how about you—how much time do you spend removing chest, arm or back hair?

Whatever your method, whether it’s the shower shave or monthly waxing sessions, we spend a lot of time and money to remove unwanted hair from our bodies.

So, doesn’t it make sense that we find a more permanent solution? Something with less time in the chair, less money out of pocket, and more time to enjoy life and do whatever it is that requires us to be hairless.

The answer—Laser Hair Removal, and it’s becoming the go-to alternative for both men and women!

Why is laser a better option than waxing or even shaving? Sure, shaving is quick, easy and you can do it anytime, anywhere. But, you’ll have to do it multiple times a week (likely every day in the summer, not to mention the unsightly shaving “bumps” and ingrown hairs it leaves behind).

And while waxing offers a longer break between hair removal, it is super painful, especially on areas with smaller fat deposits like the lower legs and bikini areas (ouch). Laser hair removal offers a painless alternative with fewer visits.

Remember, the average person spends about $20,000.00 in their lifetime on hair removal from shavers to lotions to waxing treatments—it’s a big expense that really adds up! Laser hair removal costs a small fraction of that and it gives you more freedom with your time, your beauty expenses, and your comfort level.

Lastly, did you know that Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics in Bay Shore offers the all new 2020 Deka Synchro Replay, the most powerful and the fastest FDA Approved laser in-the-world for laser hair removal, right here on Long Island?

So, are you ready to forego those painful waxing sessions and step into a more permanent sexy, smooth you? Give us a call, we’re here to help!

Client Services,
Perfect Body Laser & Aesthetics

P.S. Perfect Body Laser is a top laser hair removal facility on Long Island. Best of all, we offer an unbeatable 10-Year Satisfaction Guarantee for laser hair removal—that’s how confident we are that you will love your results. No other laser facility in the area can give you that, and certainly not the waxing salons or shaving companies. We’d love to hear from you. Give us a call!

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