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Blast Cellulite Away For Good!

Got Cellulite? You’re not alone!

Blast Away Those Fatty Deposits With Our Laser Cellulite Removal Treatment

Alright, ladies - shake what your mama gave you! For some of us, it’s our sexy curves, for others a great smile, but for most it’s cellulite.

Yes, like a bad penny, cellulite is often passed down from generation to generation. In fact, if your mother or grandmother had it, there’s a good chance you’ll develop it, too. So, what is cellulite exactly?

Quite simply, it’s a fat deposit under the skin. As those fat cells become larger, they protrude through the collagen wall to the outer skin layer and show up as bumps or dimples.

How common is cellulite?

Here’s a fun fact: Somewhere between 80%-90% of women will develop cellulite in their lifetime. (Yay!) And size doesn’t matter. Ladies of all shapes and lifestyles from the slim and fit to the full-figured, suffer from the same embarrassing lumps and bumps in the thighs or backside. So, you can take comfort in knowing you’re not alone.

Why are women more likely to develop cellulite?

For one, it’s our skin structure. We have thinner skin than men, so it’s easier for enlarged fat cells beneath to protrude the outer skin layer, putting its dirty little secrets on display via your thighs.

Also, it’s our hormones! Fat cells tend to enlarge as estrogen falls. And as we age, our estrogen levels start to dip, effecting our production of collagen, which keeps the skin nice and firm. That’s why most of us don’t start seeing cellulite until we’re well into our 20s and 30s.

Can you smooth away cellulite?

Absolutely! Although exercise and lean diet may help to reduce the size of the fatty cells, it doesn’t however guarantee the loss of cellulite. That’s when you need to go to the experts for help. At Perfect Body Laser®, our fat-blasting cellulite removal treatment will safely shrink and help smooth away cellulite deposits from your legs, buttocks, abdomen, calves and arms, so you can feel flawless in and out of your clothes again!

Some clients have even lost inches of fat!

It’s true. Our laser therapy treatment not only helps eliminate cellulite for good, it could also trim some inches off the waistline – what a fantastic bonus! Isn’t it time you celebrated your fabulous body again and got back to living your best life, cellulite-free? Give us a call. We’d love to help!

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